Xindanwei is Cool

I was in Xindanwei this afternoon to chat with @isaac, @popoever, and @aaajiao.

I heard about Xindanwei from time to time, but never related it to Isaac – who is an angle investor to this idea.

The idea is simple: you pay as low as 15 RMB per hour to get an office space there – by hour, or by month, with nice meeting room.

I put it this way: It is a real estate company + a property management company. Well. Isaac put it different: it is a place where people share space, share connection and share knowledge… I admit his version looks nicer.

I will be at Xindanwei from 16:30 – 18:30 this Friday to attend the Friday Chitchat with topic: Social Media and Me by @popoever. If you are also interested, see you there.

Xindanwei is a nice experiment to leverage social media to run a pretty traditional (but obviously something brand new) business. Anyone who visited there become a “big mouth” to broadcast the message. I am acting as a promoter of Xindanwei there. Enjoy your time in Xindanwei.

P.S. They offer 1 hour of free office space (with Wifi) there.

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