Metro Line #11 Extension Opens

Metro Line #11 from Jiading 嘉定 to Shanghai opened for a while. Now, one month to Shanghai Expo 2010, the extension of the line opened.

To give you some sense about where the extension is, look at the current full map (I attached larger picture at the end of this blog to give you more detailed view (meanwhile not blocking the screen in case you have smaller screen or read it in other software than a browser).

Map credit: Google Maps

The Metro Line #11 is the purple line from the top-left corner to the middle of the city. Thanks to Google Maps. They provide a “transit” option under More… button to allow you see the current Metro Lines.

The new extension is the left side of the Y shaped line. In the map, the two lines are not connected (which is inaccurate). Now the Y shaped Metro Line #11 is a full Y now. The south extension is under construction now.

Below is the full screen bigger map of all the Shanghai metro lines that is current running.

Stay Tuned for More News

The month before May 1, the opening date for Shanghai Expo, is determined to be a Shanghai-news intensive month. Stay tuned of many future events. Here are some (including those just happened).

  • Hongqiao Airport T2 Opens
  • Metro Line #2 extends to Hongqiao Airport
  • Metro Line #2 will extend to Pudong Airport
  • Metro Line #10 will open
  • The new Bund opens to public.
  • The new Bund Tunnels opens to traffic
  • 42 Expo bus lines will start to operate
  • New Expo taxi started to serve passengers

I will report here live from Shanghai about the Expo and its impact to Shanghai.

1 thought on “Metro Line #11 Extension Opens

  1. Amazing the rate of MRT development, since when I lived in Shanghai for two+ years. At that time I lived right beside Baoshan Lu station, in first high rise apartment in the area, now some 4-5 years later so much change. At that time there were 3 lines, and line 4 was being constructed. Sometimes I’d commute between home and Pudong for work. Take the MRT like sardine, from Baoshan to Central Railway Station or Nanjing Lu, then transfer for next sardine ride to Pudong… sigh those days. Now Shanghai change so much, but don’t miss that craziness… Ningbo is much nicer in a different way, lots of green space (Ofcourse still busy city, but less o by Chinese standards of a city), surrounded by many mountains and places to escape. Now Ningbo even construct its first MRT, for city, then to Airport and 3rd phase to Beilun (development and port district to Ningbo 30km away). Nothing stay the same, and change is a constant of life, none more so than in China.

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