ThinkPad to Dell Latitude E4300

After using IBM ThinkPad X60 for three years, I finally switched back to Dell. The reason I am using “Back” is, my first laptop is a very big Dell laptop, and I am a Dell user for several years, when I worked in Microsoft. Only after Baixing did we start to use IBM. The reason I used “ThinkPad” not IBM is, I don’t know how I should address it – it is no longer IBM ThinkPad.

I did the comparison between IBM and Dell in my previous post, and found out Dell offers better quality, better service, and relatively the same level of product as the current ThinkPad.

In the competitive market, any small change can be quickly picked up by end users, and shift from one vendor to another – the beauty of market!

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  1. Is it possible that Dell, trying to woo customers from Lenovo, is more conscientious about quality control and customer service in China; and that Lenovo, getting complacent about its niche in the Chinese market, is raising quality control and levels of customer service in the US trying to keep customers formerly committed to IBM quality?

  2. Thinkpad used to be very solid in quality when I used it during IBM’s management.

  3. I beg to differ on Dell’s customer service. I had bad experience with Dell just recently. I ordered a package deal of notebook, printer, monitor etc. They delivered me only a speaker and a mouse without telling me that they have split the delivery. After waiting for another week now, I still haven’t got my notebook, printer & monitor.

    It was hopeless and useless to call them because I couldn’t get through to anyone. They are very good at sales option. Someone would pick up the call within 2 rings if you press the sales option. Dell after sales support was a disgrace, I have to wait for my queue for more than 30 minutes still no one is available to answer my call. I placed my order on 22 Feb. But I am still waiting for my notebook deliveries. That’s Dell service in New Zealand. Pathetic! I wish I can return and order Acer instead.

  4. Maybe it is just Dell China and because of the relative lower labor cost + better management, whenever we call Dell, they send a person on door the next day.

  5. Hello JS,

    This was dell reply to my complaint email sent on 3 March. Yet I am still waiting for my deliveries of note book.

    The reply was a slap on dell’s face, that they were not aware the demand was more than supply. dell must be living in dinosaur age. Yet they didn’t even tell me when the rest of my order will be fulfilled. WTF

    Re: MWD / Order# 36 3542597 (KMM9945939I23241L0KM)‏

    From: ANZ_cc_cust_serv (

    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk

    Sent: Thursday, 11 Mar, 2010 2: 41 PM

    To: Soon

    Dear Soon Lim,

    Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Service.

    We apologise for the delay to your order.

    Due to the popularity of the product our monitor has exceeded supply. Dell will always try and improve the delivery date on your order.

    Dell Customer Service

    If you are not the intended recipient, you must not copy, distribute or print this email (including any attachments) or any part of it, or otherwise disseminate or disclose any information contained therein, or take any action in reliance on it. All such actions are strictly prohibited. If you receive this email by mistake, please advise the sender by email or telephone, and then delete the email and any attachments from your system and destroy any printed copies”.

    Original Message Follows:


    Missing, Wrong, Damage or Lost request detail:

    Country/Region: New Zealand

    Segment: dhs

    FirstName: Soon

    LastName: Lim

    Email Address: xxx

    Phone: xxxx

    STG/Order Number: NZ0000-xxx

    Brief Explanation: This morning I only have a box of speaker and mouse delivered to my house. Where is my notebook, printer, monitor etc???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This request was submitted from Dell’s Support site on 3/3/2010 1:32:53 PM

  6. Dell Shanghai Service Dept. is right beside our office – in the same floor. That’s why I picked Dell -if there is something wrong, just bring your laptop and come to them:)

  7. I agree with you. Jianshuo’s blog is very useful for me. I will keep on read.

    Wish you a Merrry Christmas.

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