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From time to time, editors came to me to ask to republish the content of this blog to other blog sites. I generally agree to the request, and grant free permission. Examples are:

Wangjianshuo on

Wangjianshuo on

Wangjianshuo on

Wangjianshuo on

Although I do not disapprove the content replication, I do doubt the effective of this, especially when they use editors to check the blog content and publish it onto another web. That is very traditional way of doing magazine. The Internet has evolved, and it is not about media – the carrier any longer. Copy and paste an article to a newspaper or magazine makes sense, but to another website, especially manually does not add too much value.

The result is, you can see some of them stopped as early as 2006 (4 years from now), and some stopped later, and some just get started, and I am sure it will stop over time. That can be waste of time in the long run.

I also replicate the content to other places, like Facebook, and recently Google Buzz. The problem is, if someone comment on my content in Facebook, chances are I cannot see them, since I do not check Facebook often. For many conversation, when the discussion scattered in both Google Buzz and comment section of this blog, it is a big lose for community of both side. I am really thinking about a way to sync Google Buzz comments with MovableType. It should be easy, and I like the idea, but don’t think I have the time to write some sample code.

P.S. Good news is PubSubHubbub implementation on this blog worked very well, and I am happy to see when Google Reader support it, you can get this blog update in Google Reader in almost real time. It is an important step for this blog.

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  1. Hey, readers are used to no-reply comment, they are willing to see you everywhere to hear your stories. Just it! Of course, your reply is definitely a gift to them!

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