US Visa is Simple to Get

Few weeks ago, Wendy went to the US embassy for interview of visa.

The visa officer asked Wendy a simple question: “What do you do?”

Wendy said: “housewife”.

Then she got the visa!

4 thoughts on “US Visa is Simple to Get

  1. Hi Wangjianshuo,

    I am an American working in China. I’ve been married to a Chinese lady for four years and we want to go to the U.S. by next summer (2011). We’re not sure what visa she needs to apply for or how difficult it will be to get. We plan to return to

    China but my health might keep us in the U.S. for some time. We may even decide to stay if it seems necessary. I’m too old now to hire out but we do have house in Bedaihe in both our names.

    How difficult do you think it will be for her to get a visa and about how much will it cost? These things are not easy to find out on the internet with much certainty.

  2. I’m not an expert but there are two simple points:

    1. If it is her first trip out of China she must get a chinese exit visa. The most quick and simple way is to apply for a short trip to Hong Kong or Macau, they will automaticlly issue and after return this step is done.

    2. In past, US visa was difficult to get and had to take months but is getting easiyer for a torist visa.

    3. On the other hand, I think a residence visa in the US is difficult to get so I suggest to contact the US Consulate in your provence and ask for information. If you are a US citizen you can get quick service, if she calls she may have to wait in queue very long.

    4. One thing I know is some spouse of ex-pats will have a difficult time because the Us is beware of “marriage of convennience” for the purpose of immigration, and they may require seperate intervies to judge if you are really married asking persona questions. But I think if you have been marrie 4 years and can prove such things as joint ownership of a house it should be easyer.

    I have one american friend that lived in china several years, married, and now returned to US with his wife. It took several months for her to finally get a Green Card but it was done. I wil try to contact him to ask if there is any special tips, but I know they used s lawyer to smooth the process, bu that can be expensive.

    So I do suggest to ask the consualte for advice and think they can explain the process to you, it would be best to get this information first so you know what to expect.

    Good Luck.

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