Yifan’s Latest Picture

Yifan grows fast.

Recently, he started to ask hard-to-answer questions.

Once he pointed to a No-Smoking sign, and asked me what it is. I said it means no smoking. Yifan asked me what is smoking. I said to have cigarettes, and he continued to ask why people have cigarettes….

Yifan loves train. His favorite entertainment is to ride Metro with us. He will stand and wave to every train and say “Byebye!”

Wendy bought him a small rolling suite case – like the one people take at airport. He loved it so much that he take it with him where ever he goes, and even put it in his bed at nights.

4 thoughts on “Yifan’s Latest Picture

  1. absolutely adorable!!! Yifan is at such a happy age right now, not to mention a total joy for you and wendy! I really like his expression in the last picture, full of wonder and curiosity.

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