My Favorate Road – Xingguo Road

I love to walk on small and quiet roads like Wukang Road and Xingguo Road.

There is something special in this area: you can walk besides other people’s window!

That is unique compared to the current “Residential Area” design. That made us feel that we are still in a small town, not in city.

The road is quiet – no wonder a shop on this road cost just 1/6 of resident house on this road.

The road is newly renovated for the Expo. Although it costs much more than it should be (completely replaced every tile even though the old tilescan still be used), it is nice after everything is new.

It is a single way road for cars (direction: south to north). Not noisy.

There are nice historical buildings along the roads. Not very famous – those kind of villa still occupied by local residence. It makes you feel you are in a community – a nice one.

5 thoughts on “My Favorate Road – Xingguo Road

  1. I live on Wukang Lu and I love the walk from Fuxing to Huaihai. It is quite and peaceful. In the summer you can wake up to frogs chirping, such a rare thing for this city.

    Oh crap, I think I just raised property prices… Nevermind Wukang Lu sucks

  2. Residents along the Xingguo Road are the elite class in Shanghai. It reminds me of one of my acquaintances whose father worked for Shanghai Municipal governement and lived there. One needs not only money but also other qulifications to establish a foothold there.

    I am wondering why incidents like the following never occurs in that neighborhood.

    The highly touted World Expo is looking (and pronouncing if one knows mandarin) more and more like a Corpse Expo.

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