Met with Xiaolai in Beijing

During this short Beijing trip, after had great conversation with Keso in his home, I had a nice dinner with Chedong, Zhou Jun, William Gao, and Xiaolai

Xiaolai is a very interesting guy – the few people who really think independently and deeply about stuff. He shared the video: Justice – What is the Right Thing to Do:

Even without watching it, I know I should love it – the hard journey to seek what is justice, and morally right (as I kept seeking in this blog in the previous articles: The City and Its Moral Boundary, Bad Behavior, Its Reason, and Future). I am happy that there are some people around me who think about this philosophical question, although most people would discourage me by saying: “Get real. Do some business, and don’t just sit there and think as a God”.

2 thoughts on “Met with Xiaolai in Beijing

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