Great Progress of China Pavilion

The Shanghai Expo is 130 days to come. Thanks to the invitation of Peter and Lina from Australian Pavilion, I had the chance to visit the Expo site way ahead of its opening.

Here is the photo I took at the foot of the China Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010.

Image by Jian Shuo Wang

Above is the fresh red facade of the China Pavilion – the Oriental Crown. At the right lower corner is the surrounding buildings to the main architect.

At the edge of each big pole of the Pavilion, there is pattern like this. I still didn’t find out the meaning of the design yet – it seems like a good word in Chinese.

The corner of the big roof – the crown.

Below is the whole picture of the Pavilion.

Sorry for the blurry image – I took it from behind the window of the car.

My First Hand Impression

The pavilion is very nice – the red is better than saw on computer rendering image. The “forbidden city red” (how they named it) looks very fresh under the sky. I am very excited to see the huge building. It is not that big if you stand before it – a very approachable architect.

Looking forward to seeing you at the China Pavilion the next year!

4 thoughts on “Great Progress of China Pavilion

  1. Hi JS,

    It was lovely having you and Wendy visit! Have you figured out what the symbols at the end of each of the beams mean? I did a quick internet search (English text) and could only find an explanation for the symbols on the outer wall of the pavilion…

    “A special kind of zhuan, or seal style of Chinese calligraphy, is to be used to write the names of local participants on the outside wall of the pavilion.The strokes of this kind of calligraphy will be “folded” into horizontal or vertical lines, to give a window-like appearance.”

    Puzzled – It still looks like double-happiness to me! :)

  2. Another misleading piece of propaganda (in Oriental terms) or PR spin (in Western terms)!

    Should this blogger also mention the havoc brought to Shanghai by this Expo?

    Every day , some innocent life is lost due to the contruction of the expo directly or indirectly like this one:

    In my eyes, the glaring red pavilion is a blood-stained monument to those innocent lives. But obviously in Mr Wang’s eyes, it is just some Chinese miracle worth showing off the Western fools.

  3. Why so negative, Shanghai ren? Should people just stay home and do nothing then? There are always risks in everyday life. Promoting occupation safety is what they should do. But I don’t think blood-stained is the proper term here. And innocence is over-rated.

  4. Where is the site of the expo exactly’ hey do you know what is gong to be constructed in the bund since its closed for so long?

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