Thanks Wikepedia

I read Jimmy Walls’ letter on donations to Wikipedia. A very good one.

I donated $35 to the Wikimedia Foundation to show my little help to them keep the good work, and sharing information. I am a proud supporter of Wikepedia, and hope you can do it too. You can donate with Paypal.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks Wikepedia

  1. Thank you, Jianshuo, for this nice reminder.

    I probably use Wikipedia every day, and I have never given then a cent. Now that you mention it, it’s pretty selfish of me. I will send them a small Christmas gift.

    I hope you have a nice holiday season with your family.

  2. I donated $25 a year back. I definitely think we should donate as you rightly pointed out. We use it so much.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  3. I wiki everyday, it makes me look wiser. However I was fired by Microsoft 2 weeks ago and is running in saving mode… Figured I’m gonna donate when I get my next job.

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