Is there Monthly Ticket for Expo?

I want to get a monthly ticket for Expo so I can visit the site any time I want, but only to find out they don’t have such ticket type.

They offers the following types:

Daily Pass

3 Day Pass

7 Day Pass

Night Pass – good after 17:00 everyday, sold on site (90RMB)

It seems the 7 day pass is attractive, but 3 day and 7 day pass are not available for sale now. The price for 7 days will be 900 RMB, and 3 days be 400 RMB. Available to public from Jan 1, 2010.

The official website has more details here. The price table is here.

4 thoughts on “Is there Monthly Ticket for Expo?

  1. Hello

    I’m going to work at the Danish Pavillon, and my suggestion is to figure out which country or countries’ pavillon you would like to learn/visit the most.

    The simple reason to that is, every national pavillon will hold a big culture event during their National day.

    Like the Danish National day is: 15 June. ;-)

  2. will there be an opening on the 30th of april 2010 for the world expo? i need to know this information because i plan to attend 1st to 3rd of may if there will be an opening on the night of the 30th of april. if there will be no opening, then i won’t be going then.

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