7 Years of Blogging

Today marks the completion of my 7 years of blogging, and this entry is the first one in my eight years since I started blog on Sept 11, 2002. In the last 2557 days, I wrote 2498 entries on this blog, leaving just 59 days blank.

There is nothing to celebrate, since I am in the worst mood after Yifan was hurt yesterday. Obviously compared to the pain of the families of 911 victims, it is nothing, and every time I mark anniversary of my blog, I should have showed respect to the people who lost their loved ones in that disaster.

What happened to me in the last 7 years?

  • I turned myself from an engineer in Microsoft to an entry level entrepreneur.
  • Wendy and I got married and lived happily together since then.
  • Yifan joined us – what a great addition to the family (sorry, Yifan. I should not have allowed you to be hurt).
  • I traveled a lot – and recorded most of my travel on this little blog.
  • I thought a lot about the future of China, and I complained a lot, I suggested a lot, and I recorded a lot about this country.
  • I saw the change happened in Shanghai. I recorded many of the positive changes, and also noted the bad side from time to time.
  • I experienced SARS, H1N1, and other types of spread out of the diseases.
  • I completed many projects in the last few years in Microsoft when I have both the energy/idea and time to do it.
  • I met many new friends in the last few years, and that newly defined the boundary of my world.
  • I chased many things that is interesting to me, and learnt new things all the time.
  • I grew from 25 years old to 32 years old.
  • I witnessed the fall of Internet and the booming
  • I recorded my happiness, my exciting journey, my milestones in business and family, and sadness, frustration, and confusion.

I am actually not in the mood to write a lengthy post, but as a tradition, I think I should write something on anniversary of blogging.

9 thoughts on “7 Years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on your blogaversary, Jian Shuo! That is a very significant accomplishment.

    And, regarding Yifan…

    With all respect for your entirely understandable feelings as a concerned and upset father, I must disagree with the statement you made that: “I should not have allowed you to be hurt.”

    A child who is never hurt, never allowed to experience failure, etc. will never learn how to overcome pain and rise above difficult situations in life. You will not always be there for him. There will be many times in life when he must experience difficult situations on his own, and the more often he has these challenging experiences during childhood, the more certain he will be as an adult that he will emerge successful on the other side of various problems.

    Of course it is natural for you to wish his accident had not happened. I would worry if you did not feel that way! But your loving care of him in the aftermath of that experience is what will mean more to him in the long run than the fact that you “allowed” it to happen.

    I am sending my strongest most comforting hugs in your direction!!!

    Yifan is probably already running around as if nothing ever happened, am I right? It is *you* who needs the hugs!!

  2. Dear Jian Shuo,

    You are such a sensitive and sensitive person. I am sorry that you experience such emotions, but Carroll seems right.

    Coming back to the blog, I discovered it 3-4 years ago, followed it for a while and then I came back to it last year again. What I would call the main achievement of your blogging activity is that you manage to provide an accurate imagine of turmoiled modern China. I am also very interested in how you see it, because you belong to a generation that grew in the “old system” but launched itself into a world of many possibilities once the economic bloom started. Also your personal life insights are interesting and make one feel close to you, even if you are so many thousands km away. Reading all your deep analysis I feel that I can somehow cross the complex gap between Asia and Europe.

    A warm hug from Romania (Eastern Europe :).

  3. Congratulations!!! and Carroll said it all, again, thank you, Carroll!

    Give him love (you already have) and courage, let him have adventures, he’ll be a strong person. I am joining Carroll and send hugs, to YOU.

  4. Thanks. :-) I am feeling much better today. I went to hospital to change the medicine put on the wound. The wound looks much better today – not as scary as the previous two days. Just as scar, my sadness will cure when it is getting better.

  5. Jian Shuo, you have the best readers, ever! People are sending you love from literally all around the globe!!

    I’m really glad to hear his head, and your heart, are both mending :-)

    All will be well

  6. :) Yeah, I agree with Carroll and GN. I am joining Carrol and GN to send hugs to you, too.

    Everything will be OK. :)

  7. Congratulations! Although I didn’t follow all your 7 years’ blogging, I probably followed at least 5 years. One thing is for certain, your attitude toward things is less idealistic and more mature compared to 5 years ago. Sure, your English has gotten much better. Keep blogging!

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