Yifan and Cars

Yifan is a big fan of cars. He loves all kinds of cars – the real car running on the streets, his toy cars (he has a lot) or cars on TV, magazines. He especially loves red car. He knows the cars by brand and can tell you the brand all the time. His favorite so far is Audi, followed by Mazda.

He loves everything related to car. He washes his car all the time, and leaving the table a mass with water.

He loves parking garage, and he especially loves the pole at the entrance of parking lots. He loves to treat our legs as parking lot, and repeat the following conversation 20 times a day:

Yifan: Parking pole!

Dad: You need to pay.

Yifan: seeking out to his pocket and put “air” into your hand Here you are.

Dad: How much is it?

Yifan: 100 Yuan.

Dad: Not enough.

Yifan: Price rise?

Dad: Yes.

Yifan: Too expensive.

Dad: No pay, no entrance.

Yifan: putting another piece of air into the hand This is 100 yuan.

Dad: OK. You can go.

Yifan: Hahaha. The car is coming in!

Then he drives his car around the table and get stopped by the Parking Pole again. “Parking Pole!” the whole story happens again.

Sometimes when I ask for more than 200 yuan, he would turn to his mom to lend some money.

Yifan now is just like a small boy now, and can have meaningful conversation for a long time. He is happier than before since he found we started to understand what he wants, because he can say that!

Cute boy.

7 thoughts on “Yifan and Cars

  1. Oh, I love the “picture” you have shared with us here, Jian Shuo (you knew I would :-)

    We used to play a game called “toll bridge” when our boys were little. They had to duck quickly under our arms or legs before the “bridge” came down. There was a lot of laughing involved.

    Good memories!

  2. Wow, we have the exact same conversation with our car-mad 2.5 year old son. Except we only charge him 2 yuan! We need to look at our pricing structure more carefully…

  3. “His favorite so far is Audi, followed by Mazda.”

    Hi,jianshuo,I’m now working in FAW,which is the largest automotve corporeation in China and Audi and Mazda are both our business partner ,maybe,if possible,i can mail some vechile mould toys of our brands to Yifan.

  4. cool… in love with cars… maybe he is going to be first Chinese F1 driver? and driving for the “red” team :-)

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