BossTown Tonight

I heard the BossTown of Kai-Fu Lee will be on air tonight at CBN at 9:00. I was a small potato in that show – one of the three observers to ask questions.

Update 11:41

It turned out that they misspelled my name again. My name is 王建硕,not 王健硕.

I cannot receive CBN in Tonghucan (just Oriental Satellite TV), but I watched it at

P.S. When I am in Tongchuan (near Xi’an), I feel even greater culture shock than I am in Shanghai. I have to remind myself again, that Shanghai does not represent the whole China.

5 thoughts on “BossTown Tonight

  1. :) During the summer vacation of Chan in daily life in Bailin Temple, the Grand Master Jing Hui told us during the tea break that, with a good mood, you would get a good cup of tea. So wish you a good mood to also find the beauty of Tongchuan. Looking forward to your sharing with us, Jian Shuo. :)

  2. I totally agreed with you that Shanghai doesn’t represent the whole China. I think Shanghai is only the most modern city in China, and mixed Chinese culture and western culture. It is not the typical Chinese city. And I can imagine the great culture shock you felt.

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