Inspiration is the Key in Silicon Valley

Another exciting day in Sunny silicon valley just ended. I would say every time I visit the Silicon Valley, I just love it more and more. The valley is all about new ideas, inspiration, and thoughts about the future. I chatted with Reid, and Jin, and my friends in the Chinese entreprenure community at lunch (with a side trip to Costco to get the shopping list I got from my friends filled). All of the meetings were very good. In Silicon Valley, what the future looks like really matters for many people, and you can just go ahead to talk about it without getting a strange look (like in Shanghai or Luoyang). With Jin, I got very excited about the future of Smart Grid – the power management system, although it may be 5 years or 10 years from now. It seems to me just like another Internet. This is also my first introductionary talk about clear energy. Not to mention Reid’s wonderful mind – some of the tips are still singing besides my ear now.

It is pretty late (0:25 AM local time) now, and I hope to get to bed quickly, and don’t over sleep tomorrow morning. Good night!

4 thoughts on “Inspiration is the Key in Silicon Valley

  1. Amazing! There were people at our party (on the other side of the house from where you were most of the time) talking about Smart Grid too, Jian Shuo!! I hope you will be able to come back in five years and see it in action. You’re right — this is a pretty exciting place to live :-)

    And if you even went to Costco, well, you’ve had the complete experience of living like a local!

  2. i love silicon valley too, but just too expensive to live here, even with all this recession, still cant afford to buy a decent house

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