Hello from Palo Alto

Just landed. Palo Alto is much nearer than San Jose. This is the first time I stay in Palo Alto. The previous many time, I was always in the San Jose area.

Just landed. Stayed at 3200 El Camino Real – the Super 8 Hotel, a cheap hotel that I stayed once the last time. The United Airline UA 858 flight I just finished was the worst experience I had so far. I may write about it. Even the crew felt that it is so bad that they gave many of us a “Please Accept Out Apology” card, and a series number on it. With the card, I can get 10% off from the next international trip, or $150 certificate…

When I left eBay and started the adventure journey, I know as a company, we have made a decision to be on our own, and the journey of low cost operation. I no longer stay in five star hotels, and no longer fly business class – I said goodbye to my business class seat the last time I flied, and I know, for a very long time, evern when economy allows, to stay low cost is the right thing to do – Bill Gates always fly economy long after Microsoft became the software giant.

The next thing for me to do is to find a PHO restaurant as soon as possible – get the noodle and then sleep.

Update This is noodle house I went to finally.

9 thoughts on “Hello from Palo Alto

  1. Welcome to the Bay Area! I share your pain about the airline experience. Somehow, Asian airlines fare much better in terms of service. I get a feeling that we “owe them a living” to fly with them and that it is “beneath” them to offer us a good service. But I guess with this economic downturn, we ought to be frugal and fly cheaply. Have a good rest and wish you good luck in your trip here!

  2. Tony, I think he’s here because it’s the only place he can get really good “rabbit food” :-)

  3. Welcome, Jian Shuo! Let us know if you have time for a meetup. Also, you may find some places closed over this holiday weekend. Many businesses and government offices will be closed tomorrow, but stores and restaurants should be open. Lots of stores and some restaurants will be closed on Saturday but keep looking, you will always find someone who wants to make money even on a holiday. If you want to see a characteristic American Fourth of July parade, they have a very good one in Redwood City — you could even take Caltrain there.

  4. Hi Nina, nice to hear from you again. This time, I will spend my one week trip only in Palo Alto, with a side trip to Mount View, and San Jose for two meetings. That’s it. So there is no meetup this time. Hope the next time.

  5. You left eBay? I thought you were still with kijiji which is a part of eBay…

    Enjoy your stay in the Valley.

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