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I got an email about how to get to Jinshanwei on July 22, 2009, just to watch the Solar Eclipse.

Hello Jian Shuo,

I´ve discovered your blog since I´ve been looking for information about travelling to Shanghai. We have planned our hollidays this year visiting Shanghai so we´ll observe the 22 july total solar eclipse. We realised that one of the best place in conditions to observe the eclipe is on shore in Jinshanwei. The fact is that day, our lodge is located in an hotel in Shanghai and as far as we have to arrive to Jinshan before 9.41 am, I´m concerned about how to cover the distance between Shanghai and Jinshan and how long does it takes the trip, so it happens in a labour day. What´s your opinion? Do you recommend to go by taxi? How much aprox would it cost? If not, better by bus? Where to leave from?. I haven´t found any information about it in the net.

Sorry for so many questions, but for us, this eclipse is a very important part of our travel, and I´m very concerned about the transportation.

Thank you very much for your help.

I didn’t know that Jinshanwei is the best place – maybe just because it is far from Shanghai and won’t be disturbed by the high buildings, and traffic? Although I do doubt whether less than 100 km makes any difference for Solar Eclipse watching, let me help my reader out: Where is Jinshanwei, and how to get there?

Where is Jinshanwe?

Here is the Google Map, and you can see the location:

Jinshanwei is sandwiched by Shanghai and Hangzhou, and is at the shore of the Hangzhou Bay.

It is at the end of A4 highway, and at the intersection of A6. If you know how big the Suburb Ring A30 is, what I can tell you is, it is far beyond the A30.

It is 70 km away from the city center.

How to Get There

There are several options: taxi and bus.


It seems taxi is the only feasible approach for foreigners to get there. It takes at least 200 RMB to get there, but it is very convenient. Call any taxi on the street, and tell the driver to bring you there. I am sure the drive will be very happy – like winning lottery that day.

It takes about one hour there.

Metro + Bus

If you want to save money and you are adventurous, you can try to use public transportation. Here is how you get there.

1. Take Metro Line #1 and get to Lianhua Road Station 莲花路站. I will ignore the steps to get to Metro Line #1 – check a metro map. At Lianhua Road station, make sure you get to the South Square of station – exit first, and use the underground tunnel to get to the other side of railway.

2. Take Lianshi Line 莲石专线 at the South Square of Lianhua Road. Get to the terminal station, and you are at Jinshan area. This can be very cheap – I guess it is something around 10-20 RMB.

What is next? I have no idea. I guess you may have a plan.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Shanghai to Jinshanwei

  1. kbguy, Xiamen is Guangzhou is one end to the other. It is still quite a distance. Probably at least another hour by flight.

  2. It is one hour flight. Here is the flight connecting Guangzhou and Xiamen:


    CZ3723 新白云机场

    高崎机场 07:50

    08:55 321 50/0 660

    所有舱位 5.2折340

    退改签 -


    HU7787 新白云机场

    高崎机场 08:00

    09:00 738 50/0 660

    所有舱位 5.2折340

    退改签 -


    MF8306 新白云机场

    高崎机场 09:05

    10:15 738 50/0 660

    所有舱位 8.4折550

    退改签 -


    FM9348 新白云机场

    高崎机场 13:35

    14:45 757 50/0 660

    所有舱位 9.2折610

    退改签票量紧张 -


    CZ3807 新白云机场

    高崎机场 14:35

    15:45 319 50/0 660

    所有舱位 8折530

    退改签 -


    MF8334 新白云机场

    高崎机场 14:35

    15:40 737 50/0 660

    所有舱位 -


    CZ3805 新白云机场

    高崎机场 19:50

    21:05 319 50/0 660

    所有舱位 -


    MF8302 新白云机场

    高崎机场 21:55

    23:00 738 50/0 660

    所有舱位 -

    Don’t try to use train – it is very far.

  3. 100km makes a huge difference in terms of a solar eclipse. the track of the eclipse is only a couple of hundred kilometers wide.

    i’m going to Jiaxing for the eclipse. It will last 30 minutes longer there. I’m also hoping that the pollution will be a lot less.

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