Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day. We don’t prepare too much for Yifan on Children’s Day, because, Yifan is turning two years old tomorrow!

I will be OOB (Out of Blogging) tomorrow for the whole day (and out of office, and out of computer, and out of anything that I felt important most of my time), and stay with Yifan for the whole day. I believe he will be happy to have enough of his dad’s attention, which he recently demands a lot.

Happy birthday to Yifan.

5 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day

  1. when Yifan grown up and find out this page, he can really feel what is the father love.

    Happy Birthday to Yifan!



  2. It’s the very best birthday gift you could possibly give him, Jian Shuo.

    Please deliver a special little hug to him from his Honorary Grandmother in California :-)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Yifan! In the US we say he enters the “terrible two” period, Yifan will sail through the year as a terrific two year old!

  4. Hmm…OOB longer than expected it seems. As with many other Chinese sites this week, I wonder if there are problems with your blog :-(

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