The Only Beach in Shanghai

This morning, the whole family went to the Daning Green Land 大宁绿地, at the west of the Shanghai Circus. The reason we went there was, it has the only beach in Shanghai.

Well. I admit that I made a mistake here. It is not a beach. It is just a lake with some sand on the north side of it.

However, it is the only place in the whole Shanghai that I can bring Yifan to really play sand. There are some other man-made beach in Fengxian, and in Jinshan, but none of them are as child friendly as the place we went to.

Yifan was very happy that for the first time, he is able to sit on the sand, and play with the water. There are many kids there.

Be prepared that since ti is just by the lake, the water is pretty dirty compared to real beach. But, it is somewhere worth to bring kids to.

9 thoughts on “The Only Beach in Shanghai

  1. Actually there are a few places in China where I can’t differentiate weather it’s a beach or a lake. One of the place is dring my tour from Nanjing to Hangzhou. There is this place famous for it’s pearl. I think it’s a huge lake.

    Another place is Shanghai Bund. If you translate according to the cantonese song is Shanghai Beach. So is it a beach ?

  2. There is one place confuses most of my friends weather it’s a ocean or a lake, it is the Eastern Lake in my homecity, Wuhan. I’ve taken many my friends there, because it so big, cannot see it ends where even on the top of hills.

    I do like Shanghai city, but I would perfer to live somewhere has less people, less noise, less polution and more green.

  3. Hi Jianshuo, you should have posted your plan to Daning earlier, i went there on may 24 also, and i was with my 2.5-year-old boy standing in the lakeside water bearfooted. Should i know you there, i would have said hello to you!

    I go to the part with the kid almost every weekend, it is a big one, also the special with it is, there are many orchards, with real fruits: peach, orange, persimmon, apricot, fig, loquat, waxberry, gingko, etc, currently it is the season for loquat, there are sooo many loquats on the trees!

    Next time when you come again, Please make sure you get the plan posted here! We will just smile and say hello!

  4. hi Ying and Chris,

    show us the link to the (your) photos of the lake you mentioned. That would be nice and interesting.

  5. Glad to share you info about child raising topic like education and entertainment. Cause I ‘ve also got a little boy recently.

  6. besides the “beaches” mentioned by Jianshuo, Daning Park is the favorite place for many people to “camp”. they set up a tent and enjoy a picnic or a nap, if the weather is good and the sun is mild, Daning is very nice place to visit in a sunday afternoon.

  7. Hai there,,

    im an expat and im so interested in this daning place

    im googling for some pictures and direction of how to get there and i didt get what i excatly want

    so, could u help me by showing some related links about how to get there, and what the park looklike, what is inside the park, etc… hehehe =)

    So nice, waiting for your reply. Happy holiday !!

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