Time Matters in Communication

This week (May 11 to May 15, 2009) is my communication week. I talked with people. Today, I talked 12.5 hours in total (including 2.5 hours with Jack and Jim), and the other 10 with TL, and ZR. Yesterday, I talked about 7 hours with Joanna, and Bobo, and the day before, 5 hours with Vince… Nice to chat with everyone and to get fully synced. The last week, I also talked 9 hours + 7 hours in two days with Matt.

When we think about communication, we often think about how often we talk, but I realized that time is one of the most important factor for any communication. Many times, you have to spend the time together first, to allow enough information to flow between people. Time is so key that the depth of the communication is directly correlated with the continuous time spent together. Sometimes, you need several hours to warm up, to have all the routine, and surface problems to be addressed, before people mention about the real key issues. Total time spend in one conversation really matters.

Meanwhile, I am very happy to recognize my personality type ENFP – the idea people, and the people people. I am happy about who I am and what I am good at… I am a very unique ENFP.

When I talked with Jack, he mentioned that he don’t like Spring Airlines. I love it a lot. I joked with Jack, that they know who their customers are very clearly. If you keep complaining and if I were the CEO of the airline, I will record your national ID, and ban you from buying their ticket. :-)

Update May 15, 2009

Added another 8 hours for Gary and York. To include the 5 hour with PH, I spent 35 hours talking with my team members in this 40 hour working week, and 3.5 hours talking with Mark, Jack and Jim. Tiring week, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Time Matters in Communication

  1. Well, as a un-sat customer, I complained to any people about Spring Airlines, again & again. I do hope these guys are not Spring Airlines’s target customer. :-)

  2. huh ? Talk for 7 hours ? haha.. are you going for Talkatorn ? It needs two hands to clap, and a dialogue for a conversation to goes on. Can’t just have just 1 person to carry on talking for the sake of talking. And the other party must respond or else…

    And it must be interesting and precise, and not just talk for nothing. A better chat way is by drinking session. And most effective way to instill better relationship with business partner or friends is by drinking beer. haha..

  3. Jian Shuo, I found the ad with a picture beside your blog will easily catch my eyeball, just like the beautiful woman last time, but the ad with word-only will be ignored for me. Maybe you don’t want it too commercial.:)

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