Communication is Key to Any Success

Once again, it is proved the importance of communication in our team.

Communication is a very very very important thing in a team, and we need to make sure the trust are maintained among everyone, and information is freely available to everyone. That is key to the success of anything.

To make something work is an art. It includes many factors that multiply by each other. It is hard to say which is the most important one, but communication is definitely a factor that can easily get to a lower score, which affect the people, and thus affecting many things.

Always remember, that communication is the key to any success – both personal and professional.

7 thoughts on “Communication is Key to Any Success

  1. 完全同意。另,转载了这篇文章,谢谢啦:)

  2. Cannot agree more.

    But in this ditigal day of age, with email, cell phone, IM, etc, it seems communication among organizations are still not easy. I agree with kbguy said “what if people don’t communcate”?

  3. Another thing to consider is the quality of the communication. Is it a phone call? An e-mail? A paper letter? I frequently receive email ‘directions’ from a colleague who thinks she is a boss but the messages are filled with typos and poor language use so it is hard to take her seriously. Sometimes her messages are also extremely negative in tone, which I think she just did not notice, because in person she is usually very upbeat and positive. In the digital age it is important to never underestimate the power of face to face communications.

  4. Sure. We need to improve communication skills in our life, work or whatever somewhere else. A better communication way, a better approach to success.

  5. what happened you have those communicate a lot, trying to make office politics. For example, trying hard to please the boss happy, trying to build “guan-xi”. things can be very different in the office with this kind of communication.

    And sometime, this people get away from getting their work done and responsible for their work. With their good communication, the blame always goes to someone that have to do “their” job. And they get escape because they are boss people.

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