Beijing to Shanghai via Nanjing

I just left CA177 from Beijing to Shanghai, and arrived in Nanjing Lukou Airport. I know it is ridiculous, I know, but it happened. It was said that due to weather situation in Pudong that didn’t allow safe landing, our flight was forced to land at Nanjing Airport.

Update: 00:30, April 11, 2009

I am back from Nanjing. The airport arranged bus to transfer us to Shanghai. The bus took exactly 3 hours to get to Shanghai from Nanjing.

From the time I left my hotel (1:30 AM), to the time I arrived home (0:30 AM), 11 hours past. This is the longest trip from Beijing to Shanghai. Maybe I will write more about the long, boring, frustrating, tiring trip when I recover tomorrow. Let me go to bed and have a good rest now.

7 thoughts on “Beijing to Shanghai via Nanjing

  1. 1:30 AM to 0:30 AM is 23 hours.

    How about that overnight train you liked very much? I took your advice and really enjoyed the train ride/sleep.

  2. Is this the domastic plane ? It always happens with China local flights but not international planes. Maybe it’s bacause they don’t have enough passengers. haha

  3. In an era of video conference where webex and cisco provide the perfect equipment and software for face-to-face virtual meeting (last time I check, webex even provides video conference on mobile phone), this kind of business trip is usually an excuse to indulge in personal entertainment (or hobby) and waste investors’ money.

    That kind of business practice is unproductive, self-serving and prone to abuse. I am not saying no trip is needed. But from my observation, 90% of them should be eliminated.

    Oh, I forget most people (or “voyeurs” in an unflattering way) come to this blog just to watch him fly around and take some funny pictures, so he HAS TO take those trips.

  4. C’mon! Mr. blogger. As a ten-year industry veteran, you know how the corporate ecosystem works. It is all about the balance between the carnivore, the herbivore and the plant. It is a human-designed mechanism of how to better feed off the system for the feeder and how to make producers (or hosts in a host-parasite relationship) better contribute in the name of “one company one dream”.

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