My First Camping with New Tent

I am a very happy customer of my new Quechua 2 Seconds Air III (Quechua is the brand name, 2 Seconds implies that by throwing the tent into the sky and the tent will be installed in 2 seconds. Air means they have window on the side, and it is called Air Cooling System, and III means three adults can sleep in it). So far, all the promises in the name turned out to be true.

I was so excited that I told Wendy that I want to go out and setup the tent at 7:00 AM. But actually, I held my impulse, and behaved mature enough to go out only after 9:30 AM.

This is my tent, on the top of a slop, facing to a lake. I made a stupid mistake to tune to the size of the photo from my Nokia phone to be MMS, which is the smallest format, so the photos are very small and blurry.

Here is the view outside the camp.

The view out of Tent

Below are the pictures of the side window – the air cooling system, which worked very well. It is cool inside, and people want to get back to tent when the Sun gets hot.

Yifan loves the tent as much as I did, and he enjoys running up and down the slop for many times. Yes. It is him running – he just had haircut in the morning.

Friends are More Important than Tent

In the tent, I pulled out my mobile phone and start to send SMS and call my friends. Within one hour, Run, Linda, and their lovely 6 months old Xiaomi came. Then Michael came with his mom and lovely 10 year old dog. Then Wang Chen came with Xia,and their 2 year old Xiaopao. Of cause we also have Yifan joining us after his unpleasant haircut (He don’t like haircuts as most kids, obviously).

We hung out from 9:30 AM to about 5:00 PM, when the Sun is low on the sky. We brought beers and snacks and chat. We joked that it is a beer festival.

I will write about the meaning of travel (Why People Travel). Alan de Botton reminded us that before we go out to somewhere far away, pay attention to your surrounding first. This camp place is very near to where we live, and I believe the happiness, and relax time we got was not less at all from a 1000 mile trip.

Thanks my friends for coming, and I will definitely hold another one very soon.

12 thoughts on “My First Camping with New Tent

  1. Hi, that’s very interesting, to go camping in Shanghai. I never would think of that! Is this a campground (like a special place for camping) or just a field where you set up the tent?

    Glad you can enjoy the spring time weather, it’s very nice between the cold winter and the hot and humid summer.

  2. I don’t intend to be sarcastic, but looking at the landscape of your camp ground, the site definitely was a landfill.

    With strom sewage pond on the side, power transmission above you and residential buildings across the street……..

    This is not camping, this is homelessness!

  3. I’m a bit sorry to say it, but I agree with Steven. What you did is far from my idea of camping. For me, the purpose of camping is to be close to nature and far from the city. What was the purpose of camping for you?

  4. I have some new discoveries from this article, about Runliu and Linda’s blog. 3Q !

    Runliu has updated his blog recently !

    BTW, was it cold and moist in your camp in this season ?

  5. Urban day camping! That can be very fun!! An entirely different viewpoint from your usual city-scapes, plus running-around room for Yifan. It’s all good :-)

    When our kids were little we used to set up a tent in the back yard from time to time. Was that “camping”? Not by the usual definition. But, was it fun? You betcha!!

  6. -I was so excited that I told Wendy that I want to go out and setup the tent at 7:00 AM. But actually, I held my impulse, and behaved mature enough to go out only after 9:30 AM.

    You are so cute.:)

  7. You should go camping in real nature.

    And please do not like so many chinese which is leaving lot of trash on site. But I believe you will not.


  8. @kbguy: Sorry to tell you this. It’s getting closer, but staying in a cabin in a park is not camping either.

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