I will be in Beijing on April 9

I am going to Beijing from April 8th, to April 10th.

Currently, my noon to late night of April 9th is booked, and have other meet-up pending for confirmation.

If you want to meetup, please drop a line to me via email (jianshuo at hotmail dot com), leave a comment below, or twitter to me at jianshuo.

I will also hold a Wangjianshuo’s Blog Meetup in Shangri-la hotel lobby, and you are welcome to join from 4:00 – 5:00 PM of April 9th. I will be there. If you want to join, you are very welcome. No registration or confirmation needed. However, my guess is, I will be the only person sitting there with my laptop or my new Moleskine on my lap, and writing something myself. Every time, I just expect that no one will actually show up for my blog meetup, because of some obvious reasons (before was commonly because very short notice period, and this time, because the time and venue are not the most popular choice). But every time, some people come (sometimes just two or three). Check out my previous meetups.

At night, I am very looking forward to the YLF dinner in Beijing. Many people will join. I missed the dinner in Shanghai, and will definitely catch this one in Beijing.

7 thoughts on “I will be in Beijing on April 9

  1. Hi,jianshuo,

    你们meetup的时候,通常是用那一种语言交流的啊 ?


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