Photos of Shanghai in Spring 2009

Photos of Shanghai

I took some photos along the way back from Starbucks home, to give my frequent idea about what Shanghai looks like TODAY.

Loving couple before the nice flowers on the tree.

© Jian Shuo Wang

The nice flower – spring comes to Shanghai! Woolaaa!

The Jinmao Tower, and World Financial Center.

And in Lujiazui, this kind of truck is more commonly seen than any other places in Shanghai. Today, Lujiazui is a even bigger construction site, and a bigger mass. :-)

After I am back from Guilin and saw all the mountains there, I just formed the habbit to imagine all these buildings as a hill in Guilin – if the transformation from building to hill really happens, Shanghai will be an even better place than Guilin.

5 thoughts on “Photos of Shanghai in Spring 2009

  1. beautiful! When i see the beautiful flowers and trees on the garden, sometimes i have an strong desire to write them by camera. Unfortuately my camera does’t work well as before ha. Beautiful spring. i will buy new one and take more photoes.

  2. Nice photos. Even some blue sky! Is the pollution less than before?

    I will soon visit Shanghai again, looking forward to it.

  3. Ni Hao:

    I will be in china July, beijing

    I have to go to shanghai to visit friend. I wish to spend day with them. How much is ticket for soft slepper? it is confusing.

    Also, I intend to take train to vietnam…any suggestons?

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