Pudong is Now Like Puxi

Remember the painful move decision I made in 2004 about moving from Puxi to Pudong? Then look at what I observed at that time (that is, OMG, 5 years ago):

First Week in Pudong:

Pudong is Quiet

Pudong Sleeps Early

Fresh and Natural Life

No Restaurants, no entertainment

What does Pudong looks like in my eyes after 5 years?

I climbed to the top of one building in the area where I live, and took the following three photos:

Below is a mixture of villa area and high raising buildings:

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Below: A new move is, almost every room in the building is occupied by people, instead of empty houses many years ago. It is not easy to identify a room with no people living in there.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

See the blank area further than the park? It will be another round of high raising buildings.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Do you still feel it is the same Pudong as I described 5 years ago? It is very like another Puxi, at least by both the number of high-raising residential buildings, and the population density.

8 thoughts on “Pudong is Now Like Puxi

  1. I was born in Pudong and was brought up there,too.

    It changes a lot.

    I used to live in the area we call it Xiao Lujiazui, where now Shanghai No.1 Yaohan Department Store are located. 17+ years ago, it’s really quite there.

    Everything in Pudong changed a lot since 1989. But recent 5 years, it changes much more rapidly.

  2. Property development, construction, houses and apartment must be doing good in Pu’dong or Shanghai. Just hope that they are constructing according to safety standards..

  3. Pudong will not be like Puxi until it has good universities, small-treelined streets, a full-time professional sports team, and more cultural events. For those, you still need to travel to Puxi.

  4. Pudong needs a lot more Metro lines. It’s good Lines 8 and 9 are cutting deeper into Pudong to “add up” to the present-day Lines 2, 4 and 6 mélange, but even so, it needs all the extensions it can get to make Pudong very much Puxi 2.0.

    The best thing that can happen to Pudong, while I’m on this, will be more cars on Line 6. I picture the pain of 13.5-minute long waits just for a train…

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