Hotmail Opens POP3

Yesterday, I tried to use Gmail to receive emails in Hotmail, and found out that Hotmail already opens POP3 access to all users. At least for me, I am in China.

Here is the necessary settings:

POP3 Server: (port 995)

Need POP SSL? Yes

User name: your Windows Live ID, like (Please note: you have to include the part, not just the name)

Password: your password

SMTP Server: (port 25 or 587)

Requires authentication? Yes

Requires TLS/SSL? Yes

That is. You can start to abandon slow and ugly interface.

8 thoughts on “Hotmail Opens POP3

  1. Hehe, I have a hotmail account, but I never use it for sending/receiving email except logging in the window live messager.

  2. Not only HOTMAIL, but gmail and yahoo also work as POP3. Yahoo has different settings for all acounts according to the server’s location which holds the account.

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