Finished Talk in Hangzhou

Pretty late now (12:55 AM), and I am sitting at a budget hotel at Hupan Garden 湖畔花园. It is 160 RMB (discount of 20 RMB comes Jim Sang, who is their frequent guest). Jim said the advertisement of this residential area stated many years ago that this is the only villa area in Hangzhou that you can hear the song of birds.

This garden is more famous in Internet community because of its connection with Taobao, and Alibaba – all of them are born in one villa in this area. People believe in Fengshui a lot and said this area has good Fengshui.

The Talk

The Shanghai-Hangzhou Talk happened in Dafeudi 大夫第 (not sure if this is the right pronounciation of the name) near edushi office. The attendant list:

As the last time, it is very educational talk for me. I may need to take some time to write down what we talked during the night. Conclusion: it is good to visit another city from time to time and gather some CEO friends to talk about how to run a company.

P.S. Logistic side, we drive from Shanghai to Hangzhou, took about 2 hours.

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