Virtual Physical Name Card

If I sent this link to you, I want to sayGlad to meet you. Sorry that I didn’t bring my name card with you today. Here is my Virtual physical name card. Keep in touch!

If you just discover this link by yourself, continue to read about why I posted this.

Sometimes, I went to meet with people only to find out I didn’t bring my name card. I promised to send to them later, and most of time, I did. The interesting thing is, many of them, we know each others’ contact information already (like email and mobile phone), but just feel the need to exchange a card to get complete information (title is one of this information that we seldom directly ask). So I take a picture of my name card (two pictures for both sides) and post it online. It feels better to see a real name card than VCard.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Physical Name Card

  1. Haha, what an interesting post! So you are in this ‘浩然高科技大厦’ , which I always could see and sometimes passed by when I went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University to visit my little brother.

  2. Oh, man! That’s interesting! Just ask the people who want your Business Card to visit this page. To some extent, it could be an enviromental way to use E-Card.

  3. Good idea! Now i know you what about your job, more people will know you in this way.

    May be you will encounter confidant^_^

  4. Hi Wang,

    You publish your cell phone’s number on your site, email adress etc..

    you must received many 垃圾短信 and 垃圾mails, right ?

    how about you receive a call in wee hours or sleeping time in China? Have you ever encounter that?

    I do believe someone will do that.


    I am willing to hear your comments on this issue.

  5. Interesting question, Wei. It turned out that it worked out very well. I did receive phone calls, but most of them are friendly people seeking for help – I tried to answer if I can. There are no spam so far. We may think we are too important, but the world does not think so.

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