Yifan Attacks Me :-)

Yesterday, Yifan happily throw his toy car onto my head – it hurts, and Yifan is so happy and laugh like crazy – it really hurts.

Then he tried to get my nose with his small hand, and scratched my face – there are three points on my face was hurt, with blood coming out a little bit.

Yifan is still cheerful and didn’t know what happened. Hmmm…. It hurts, again.

Although it is not the best experience I am with Yifan so far, but looking at innocent and always-happy Yifan, I cannot be angry, and I just feel this naughty boy is still so lovely. Looking around, there is the same little scar on his grandma and Ayi’s face. :-(

Let me just record it and when Yifan grows older, I will tell him when exactly he attacked and hurt his handsome and loving daddy.

4 thoughts on “Yifan Attacks Me :-)

  1. Oh, you can use that as “ammunition” with him for years, Jian Shuo. But, let me warn you…it will also work the other way. Our younger son (now 33 years old) is still inclined to remind my husband of “the time you tried to kill me” when we were water skiing :-)

    In Yifan’s case, it might just be time to trim his scratchy fingernails.

    This gives me an idea for a “request post”. Someday when you have time, would you tell us about child care and the use of Ayi’s in your country? Here in the US, childcare for working parents is so difficult. Most of the time the choice is either for a parent (mother or father, and it is becoming increasingly frequent for the father to be the one) to stay home until the child is old enough for school. The alternative is to put them into a “day care” situation, where many children are looked after by a suitable number of caregivers. Some families do use “nannies” who come to their home during the day while parents are at work, but often this is the most expensive option, taking almost all of one parent’s salary in order to provide compensation for the nanny.

    In China, is it most common to have an ayi? And, is that someone who lives with you all the time, or do they just come while you and Wendy are at work?

    I think this topic might be of interest to some of your other readers too, especially any families with young children who might be considering re-location to China.

  2. Carroll,it’s not very expensive in China to have an ayi.

    Nearly 3500RMB a month,one day off every week,and the ayi lives with you all the time

  3. @Carroll, good topic suggestion, and I will write about it. :-)

    @Clara, 3500 seems pretty high. Maybe it is for very good Ayi? I will explain more in my article.

  4. Hahahahahaha I love Yifan~~~ poor grandma and ayi~~ now so naughty next time Yifan must be good to daddy and family wo!

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