Watching US President Inauguration

I am watching the US President Inauguration 2009 now using

Interesting enough, I browsed all the 50-something TV stations I have in my home, there is no single station reporting the event.

Well. Many people argue that who would be interested in a president inauguration in China. There are one scene (night scene, which should be taken 12 hours ago) on CCTV News Channel for 1 minute). That is all I saw 13 minutes before the Inauguration starts.

About 8 years ago, when the 9-11 event happened, I opened the TV, and every station was broadcasting as usual in the two hours after that – either soap opera, or junk TV-commercial for old people to kill time. It appeared that nothing happened.

The quality of Hulu is not bad. Almost real time when the event happens.

I just cannot imagine the narrow National Mall can hold 2 million people in Washington.


Correction: Starting from 1:00 AM Shanghai time (which is 12:00 noon EST), CCTV News Channel broadcast live of the event with Chinese interpretation.

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  1. HI, Jianshuo

    I’m very interisting for new president inauguration,but i were beaten out with fatigue when i got home so i cannot wait for real time.I just link to this moring but it can not loading it.Do u know other website that can watching it ?




  2. WJS, would you kindly share with us how you are able to access Hulu’s streams from China?

  3. It was a very exciting day here in the US. Very emotional for many people. Do you have access to YouTube? I have a feeling that many of the most significant moments are already available in that venue. I have a friend who lives in Washington D.C. She said that the energy, electricity and optimism in the air is almost palpable. Our television is currently showing live images of the President and Mrs. Obama visiting some of the inaugural balls. It is midnight there now. I imagine they must both be extremely tired!

  4. Hi

    I’m a producer with the BBC World Service. We are interested in getting opinions from within China about how people reacted to Barak Obama’s inauguration speech.

    We are particularly interested in talking about how the speech was cut for some broadcasts in China, and the omission of the following section…..

    “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

    If you might be available to comment on this, please give me a call on +44 (0) 207 557 3676 or e-mail me at

    Thanks for your help.

    Neil Gallagher


    The World Today

    BBC World Service

    Office: +44 (0) 207 557 3667

    Mob: 0781 1181724

  5. @solopolo, it is at Although many video is just for United States, the real time broadcast is available any where.

    @Carroll, I can imagine. In the YLF email list, there are many people travelling there. They even have a party there.

  6. may be the government of China have done something to make it different …

    they always can and will…

  7. This is significant because it’s the first time in history that a black person becomes the president of the most powerful country in the world. Well, some may argue that it’s not as powerful as before the financial crisis, but from relative standing, it’s so far still the most powerful. This event marks a milestone in human political history that a person from a group not long ago was predominantly slave is able to hold the highest power. Only USA can have open mind to achieve that.

  8. Jianshuo,

    I thought you said you were going to reconsider taking part in BBC interviews?

    I know many chinese think they are anti-china but from here (UK) they are seen as very impartial.. please give more interviews!

  9. @chavista, I don’t think BBC is anti-China or pro-China – they are pretty neuatual, but I just feel that to fit the complicated issue into 1 minutes or 20 seconds may even cause more problems than solving it.

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