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From time to time, I get some media request. Most of them are around my little blog. I do want to convert their attentiont to my business,, but most of the time, failed. The editors, and reporters seem more interested in established things, like my 7 year blog, instead of new things (especially when it is not that new). :-)

Me, 7 Years Ago

In 2002, I got my first media interview in Microsoft. That was about the opening of Microsoft Asia Regional Support Center (AREC).

I was pretty excited about it, since my name, for the first time, appeared in some major news papers, and my image, for the first time, appeared on CCTV.

However, at that time, I was just a small potato in the company, and no one really cares about my name, and who are I. My status was just an engineer under the big brand – anonymous engineer.

Me, in the Middle

Part of the reasons I started this blog about 7 years ago, was because of one day. On that day, I suddenly realized that Microsoft is just a big halo above my head. I thought, I will lose this halo anyway, and it is not a halo that belongs to me. So I started this blog.

Me, 7 Years Later

Now, I tried very hard to introduce, my company, to the reporter, and want to find ways to get their attention on the interesting business – I am really passionate and appealed by the personal trading on baixing these days, but they just focused on my experience – my blogging experience to be more particular.

This is another problem to solve. My goal is to build Baixing a famous brand so people started to focus really hard on this brand instead of myself. That will be another very good thing.

Again, thanks for Wu Di and camera man Mr. Yang for taking the time.

P.S. Photos of the Interview

The interesting thing for many media when they interview me is, they are also interviewed by me, a blogger. I always have some backstage photos to share…

4 thoughts on “Interview by Channel Young

  1. Wow! I’ve just read the article ”first media interview in Microsoft”. It’s lovely that you just signed the two sentences “Hereby, I would like to correct the fact in the report” in red to tell every one the truth. A honest and serious Wang Jianshuo deserves respect. I think I’m already one of the fans of yours, and you are my idol, not only because you have done a extremely good job in your career at such a young age, but also because of your personality.

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