Dell Optiplex 755

I just got a new desktop at work: Dell Optiplex 755. My first computer when I entered Microsoft was a Dell. They had the tradition to upgrade desktop computer every one to two years. That was a white one (I forgot about the model). The service tag for this new Dell Optiplex 755 is FT15C2X, just for my record in case I lose it later. I will spend more time learning how the new Dell Optiplex 755 works. Interestingly enough, they don’t have network card driver for the brand new Dell Optiplex 755 after I installed Windows XP on it.

Dell vs IBM

My first IBM compute laptop was bought in 2005. I found the quality of IBM X40 was really nice. The major difference between an IBM and Dell is:

  • IBM don’t have warranty or nice on-door service, but it never breaks (or to be more exact, seldom breaks).
  • Dell’s quality is so-so, but they always promptly arrive on door, and change hardware for you.

However, the recently, something changes with IBM. My new X60 ThinkPad under Lenovo brand breaks frequently (blue screen), and batter completely stopped working. This does drive my decision making of purchase from IBM to Dell the next time.

10 thoughts on “Dell Optiplex 755

  1. But I think the blue screen is mainly because of softwares instead of hardwares,do you mean a dell pc running a newly installed system offen goes into blue screen?

  2. I love thinkpads! My first laptop was a t42 that I bought in 2004 before starting college, and it worked great the whole way through. Most of my friends either had macs or dell laptops, but the dell laptops seemed to break more easily and looked quite worn after only about a year. My thinkpad still looks new though (I agree that the build quality is awesome) and runs normally– only the screen has recently given me problems (broken backlight, probably). Nevertheless, I bought a dell to replace the thinkpad a few months ago (inspiron 530s) and I like it a lot too.

    Those cute little netbooks are getting really popular around here now, too. I kinda want one… Are they popular in China right now? I think I read somewhere that lenovo just put some out, but I’m not sure.

    PS It’s snowing in parts of the Bay Area now — weird!

  3. @song, although many of the bluescreen comes from software error, there are many coming from hardware. Believe me, I was a support engineer for Microsoft and debugging bluescreen was our daily job. So I am pretty confident about the cause of a blue screen error – at least when I see the “Memory Parity Error”…

    @LC, it is snowing there? Weird!

  4. That’s the difference (In quality) many people observed after IBM PC diivision was taken over by lenovo. The quality is becoming poor. On a lenovo laptop the keys are coming out so frequently. Lenovo is again adding to the people perception about the poor quality products from China.

  5. I agree that after IBM is taken by Lenovo, the quality is significantly lower than before. I used three IBM Laptop. One from IBM, and two from Lenovo. The two Lenovo laptops always breaks.

  6. I have just had my second Dell. Thinking by spending £1500 this time I’d

    would get someting really good. It’s OK but that is about all. The keyboard

    didn’t light up when it came as per spec, so they sent a replacement part

    which my IT guy fitted.

    There are other issues but all Dell say arrgogantly is ‘they don’t supply faulty goods’

    Now they ignore my emails.

  7. Dell OptiPlex 755 is a solid, expandable machine without fancy bells and whistles – the lack of which may constitute a large part of its performance and low power consumption.

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