Temporarily Removed Facebook Connect

Due to slow connection of Facebook in China – especially


and some times infinitive loop problems (which caused some browsers to hang), I have temporarily removed Facebook Connect from this site. I feel sad since I just added one week ago. Let me see if I can find a work around – the most possible way to work around it is to put the JavaScript files locally, which requires some modifcation, especially the loader file, FeatureLoader.js, since the URL of the other scripts are hard-coded there.


You have to have both working infrustructure, like the CDN network, and good product design (like the great server and JS Client API) to make it work.

Lack of the first one, you become Facebook in my case, and lack of the second one, it is Google Friend Connect.

BTW, I also removed Google Friend Connect from my homepage, just because it is completely useless for me.

3 thoughts on “Temporarily Removed Facebook Connect

  1. That’s a shame… static.ak.connect.facebook.com uses Akamai, which is one of the big CDNs. Clearly it doesn’t work so well in China at the moment! Getting Internet content to load fast both from China and major Western countries is surprisingly hard!

  2. yeah… lately I gave up with Facebook in China. Not just slow… it is NOT LOADING AT ALL.

    just becoming another hopeless site.

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