Hosted US Congress Delegation

On Saturday night, I helped NCUSCR to host another United States delegation: Congressional District Office Staff Delegation to China. In the hotel room of Regal International Hotel near where I worked, we gathered in a guestroom, sitting on the floor, and had some beers and snacks. The chat was wonderful, and it is their last night during the trip to China. I would like to keep the content of the discussion off-record. I WAS asked about what is boundary of blogging in China in the censorship environment. What we talked is partly out of the boundary. :-)

This is maybe the third time I talked with people from US Congress. I don’t know why it matters so much, but the news of US Congress Failed the Auto Bailout is at the headline of many newspapers – in China. Why? I just feel it is not such a big news for China yet – maybe because of my ignorance.

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  1. Dear Jian,

    some people think if three big manufacturers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) go bankrupt, then lots of related businesses will go bust as well, and then many people will lose jobs and the whole economy will take a hit. Some parts for automobiles are probably manufactured in China too, so those businesses will have problems too. Then there is a general thing that Americans will have less money to buy consumer things, many produced in China too.

    Not everybody thinks this bad scenario will realize. So those people say — let them go bankrupt. That makes the debate, and it’s a heated debate, this is why you read about it so much.


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