In Beijing Airport, Back to Shanghai

I am at gate 31 of Beijing Airport, heading to Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai. The two day Beijing trip was full of fun and inspiration. Among my trip, talk with founder Chen Hua, and talk in Baidu were highlight.

When I left Beijing, I just feel if you ask me about the landscape of cities in China, and in US, I would even say the current Beijing is more westernized (or modernized).

Ops. Blured

Look at these buildings:

This is the area where Sina, Baidu‘s headquarters are located. Qunar is also here.

I am at the Gate 31 of T3 of Beijing Airport. This is what is before me now:

As any airport, advertisement is everywhere.

Byebye Beijing. I will be back soon.

P.S. I always wanted to get a Beijing Public Transportaiton Card when I arrive in Beijing and take metro. I feel I am more closer to this city when I have a transportation card – I believe the next time, I will definitely get one.

5 thoughts on “In Beijing Airport, Back to Shanghai

  1. Jian Shuo, the hotel named “Royal King” near the south gate of Qing Hua university is very cool and fantastic. By the way, you can get a Public Transportaiton Card in many places such as a newspaper stand, every subway station and so on, and get 60% off the price.

  2. catpet, maybe you should take some english lessons before you comment on this blog.

    “Air pollution is still harder.”

    You’re kind of pathetic. Do you have eyes or not? A picture is worth a thousand words. What’s the pollution difference before noon and (late) after noon? As a matter of fact, traffic and air pollution gets worser by the time the sun sets and people get off their work. Beijing has changed a lot just for the 2008 Olympic Games. If you haven’t been to Beijing, please, just be quiet. You’ll just waste your time for being an ignorant hater who doesn’t get the facts right. Have a nice day!

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