Nice Day for My Business

Today is a pretty nice day. Very happy, and very excited. Huge breakthrough in many metrics. Xiaopai said the number has reached 300 one hour before end of today.

I am going to try my first week in the Shanghai Jiaotong University Hotel tonight. Hope hard work can bring good result.

Met Mike and Luoying today. Nice chat, and learnt that everyone has something to pursue. It is nice for everyone.

Chatted with Elfe on MSN. Elfe continues to show her talent and free soul with a nice Germany trip.

There are breakthrough on the product side also. Many things to do, but stay focused is the key. As I told many people, there is only one thing we need to do – maintain the listing quality of classified site. That is all everyone needs to accomplish.

Pretty late. Go back to home.

P.S. Some bad news today is, Chen Hua left What a surprise for me. I have great respect to the Kuxun team, and feel a pity when I hear another entreprenue left the company he/she founded.

3 thoughts on “Nice Day for My Business

  1. It is the first time that I come here .First ,thanks to Baohong Liu’s blog( ),It was he that give me the direction to here. Then ,wish your ” hard work can bring good result.”

    I am looking forward to reading more wonderful words in future.

    Best regards!


  2. This is my first view of this website, and this is the first article I see, for my side, maybe everyday I’ll check it. Thank you for your topics, I’ll study from it.

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