Erik Paulsen and Gabrielle Giffords

Got a special note from YLF:

Hearty congratulations to YLFers Erik Paulsen (2005 Fellow) and Gabrielle Giffords (2003 Fellow) for winning their respective U.S. House of Representatives races! In his first term in the House, Erik will represent the 3rd District of Minnesota, and, in her second term, Gabrielle will again represent the 8th District of Arizona.

It was a pity that I was not able to meet Paulsen, or Gabrielle in my Nanjing or Snoqualmie YLF session in the last two years, but I enjoy the news from YLFer – I know YLF people are basically very similiar – nice and warm people.

I don’t know US politics. It is just from a third angle – no matter who, someone from the same organization won something, and that is where my joy come from.

Congratulations, Erik Paulsen and Gabrielle Giffords!

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