In Beijing, In Meeting

I am in Beijing, and I am in a bunch of meetings.

It is critical to arrange meetings ahead of schedule, so you don’t have too many things to do at the same time, or have a big block of time has nothing to do.

It is especially important, in this case, to pre-arrange dinner and lunch, at least location, so you don’t end up have lunch by yourself – like this noon.

3 thoughts on “In Beijing, In Meeting

  1. Haha, it seems that you’ve pre-arranged everything, not only the meeting, but also the lunch and dinner. Hava a good time in Beijing. Me, I really miss Beijing, my bunches of dear friends in Beijing.

  2. Lunch alone? Jian Shuo, for you I would guess that is practically unheard of! But, tell us the truth — I bet you started a conversation with at least one stranger wherever you ended up eating. Am I right? :-)

  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Jianshuo. Maybe next time you can well pre-arrange the lunch and enjoy it with someone. I’ve been learning to enjoy the loneliness for a long time, and I think I’ve been used to it. I always cook a few delicious dishes for myself even I have my dinner alone. Sometimes the situation is not that bad you feel. Haha, I’m always trying to enjoy the life no matter I’m alone or not, have lunch or dinner with someone or not.

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