Software List for Newly Installed PC

I wrote about my software list for newly installed PC the last year. Since I reinstall my laptop from time to time (on average, every quarter), I keep a list of software to be installed. I don’t like software like Ghost – I just want to keep my PC as fresh as possible.

Looking back at the article I wrote before, there are not many in the list. This time, i create a longer list. Maybe after 5 years, when we look back at this list, many of them no longer exists, or we have started to use newer software at that time. A trend I observed from the last year is, most of my daily use software was downloaded from Internet (for free).

  1. Drivers – especially Video, and network drivers.
  2. Windows Update to get to the latest version.
  3. Keep Windows Messenger that comes with Windows XP (don’t want to use Live Messenger)
  4. Turn on ClearType. If in Chinese environment, change the font family for titles, and menus to Tohama from the default SimSong font – so the ClearType can take efect.
  5. Firefox, and then do not use IE after that.
  6. Sogou Pinyin IME (for better experience to input Chinese)
  7. Google Toolbar
  8. Google Picasa

8 thoughts on “Software List for Newly Installed PC

  1. I like Sogou Pinyin, and maybe I have used it for more than year, it is much better than the traditional ones.


  2. As a Mac user I don’t have to worry about most of these things. Or viruses. Why do most people still use PCs?

  3. Hi, two questions,

    How to Turn on ClearType

    How to change the font family for titles


  4. Shen Xin, it is pretty straight forward.

    Right click on any open space of Desktop.

    Choose Properities… on the pop up menu.

    You can change the fonts at Appearence tab.

    Click Effect… button on the appearence tab, and you can choose ClearType from the second drop down box.

    One thing to note is, Chinese fonts does not support ClearType, so it has no effects for Simplified Chinese Windows XP, but after you change the Windows font to English font, it will show the difference.

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