First Two Sessions of YLF 2008

Just finished the first two sessions of YLF (The Young Leader’s Forum) this morning.

It is a wonderful presentation, and I am so happy that I have get rid of my jetlag, so I can concentrate to the presentations, and join the discussion.

There are so many things that I want to record, and then discuss about it, but let me just quickly move the following bulletins from my note to my blog, because I am very sure that this blog last longer than paper.

– about China’s law breakers

– Moral standard vs the system

– Lack of religious and its impact to China

– Development in economy vs the change in morality that changes people’s behavior in China

– The plastic bags (we didn’t talk about it, but I just thought about our experience during the Pike Market the other day)

– Diversity of personal identity

– Marriage in a producing economy vs a consuming economy

– Spider web theory and animal theory

– “How can you be so stupid” type of question when we look back about what the milk things in China, and the financial crisis in US (and the world)

– Sublime

– People are always trying to be greedy.

I know the sentences, and words does not make sense without a background. Sorry for that, but I hope I can take more time to do the reflection and explain more…

My Presentation

Since the theme of this year’s forum is discover, my topic was “Discovery: 6 Years of Blogging”. I updated the slides uploaded here: Discovery for YLF 2008 in Snoqualmie.ppt

Since there are so many things to talk about, and there are so limited time – 10 minutes, I just wrote 5 slides, and it worked well.

2 thoughts on “First Two Sessions of YLF 2008

  1. I think all the presentations were great. One observation – this year folks did not want to debate more around tough issues. that was a little disappointing to me.

  2. Ashish–there was far to much “fun” to burn time debating the “tough issues!” Far better to toast the relationship and press to Salsa!

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