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What is the best of Shanghai? I asked my friends. Besides sightseeing, night life, food and many other things, it is for sure that massage is part of the Shanghai experience. I didn’t talked about this topic before – how I can just mention Xiang Yang Market without talking about massage.

My Favorite: Yilin Blindman Massage

In the last few years, I tried some massage place, and I found Yilin is definitely the best. The gap between them and others are not a little – it is huge. I’d like to recommend them to my readers.

Massage in Shanghai

In Shanghai, when you wander on the street, you may see as many massage shop as real estate brokers, as 24 hour convenient stores. They are some of the key street shop elements in Shanghai.

However, most of the massage place is just for recreational. It means, they have massage girls or boys who give you body massage, or foot massage. Most of the places in Shanghai are serious massage, nothing about erotic services. There are some types of massage that is in that category, but they are not on the street, and I do have no idea about that part.

Why Yilin is Good

Yilin are not only recreational, they are even providing medical help to people with problems with their necks or bones. Most of the massage people are blindman, or are sight challenged. They make a living by providing really good massage.

Here are their addresses:

Xuhui Store: No. 1, Lane 110 Nandan East Road 南丹东路100弄1号 64643786 <-- This is the one I visit most often since this is maybe their oldest one. Pudong Store: Hmm... I don't have their exact address - they are at the Huanlong Road, and the Beiyuan Road and Huantong Road, near the Subway Line #6 Shanghai Children's Medical Center Station. It is not on the street. It is hidden deep in the Yidong Garden. I have created a map for that location.

These are the only two I have been. They have two more locations, but I have never been there:

#521 Xujiahui Road 徐家汇路521号

#1842 Changning Road 长宁路1842号

My favorite guy are employee #4, and #12 in Xujiahui and #12 in Pudong, but it turned out everyone there was almost as good. I am curious about how they did quality control so good.


52 RMB for 60 minutes body massage.

52 RMB for 60 minutes foot massage.

Be prepared that it is very pain when you do massage in this place, because it really helps. They are not fancy places to visit – you will be disappointed to see the narrow and ugly decoration in their rooms, but people came for massage, not for the environment, while many spent too much time on decoration and environment, but offer too bad massage.

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  1. Ha, it’s also my favorite. I only go to the one in Nan Dan Road. It’s the best out of four – longest history, best massagists. Those who numbered from 1~20 are all good massagists because they have been there many years. Only experienced massagist with enough favorite customers can keep working there for long time.

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