Goodbye Olympic

Olympic closes with not an not-as-fancy-as-opening closing ceremony, but it didn’t affect my love to Olympic, or my enjoyment of the Games. Several changes to me:

  • It promotes sports. I started to pay attention to sports and get involved more than before.
  • My favorate sports in the Games are: volleyball, table-tennis, bench volleyball, 3m springboard, and running.
  • In the last week, I swimmed, I played table-tennis, and I played beach volleyball. I believe it must be because of the impact of the Olympic on me.
  • I enjoy the whole process of the Game. Because it is the first time in the recent years for the Game to have the same time zone, I can get updates from the game consistently throughout the day, and I am used to tune to TV when I am at home, or tune to the right radio station on the road.
  • The first two days without Olympic are boring. I just feel I am lack of information now.

Looking forward to the London Olympic!

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Olympic

  1. > The first two days without Olympic are boring. I just feel I am lack of information now.

    I feel the same way! Turn on the TV and it’s all reruns…

  2. I read a newspaper article that basketball is really catching on in China, especially the NBA.

  3. I went into depression after the closing ceremony, now turning to watch KTSF programs, some are in chinese with english captions.

  4. I had a similar problem because I got used to sleep late to watch and wake up early to continue checking hehe!

    Now i need to readjust my schedules to dont feel sleepy and lazy hahaha

    Why not to volunteer for london 2012? or vancouver 2010???


    From Mexico

  5. What a great Olympics! Shame i didn’t get over to Beijing for it, or to the events here in Shanghai, but still enjoyed those few weeks. I hope to be back living in London in time for the next one, though am worried it will simply not be as good!

    I have only recently found your Shanghai blog, very interesting, and plenty of content too. Hope to get some useful advice, as i am relatively new to this city :-)

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