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From time to time, I am posting small “ads” for my friends, and for things I feel of great value.

Olympic Game is coming to Beijing in 14 days. Housing can be a very hard problem for visitors (visa is another one). Hotel has reached to ridiculous price, like 1000+ USD per night for hotels like Hilton in Beijing, and higher for more fancy hotels. The problem is, even with the high price, not many hotel still has rooms available…

I am sharing one apartment from my friends, and think it is best for a family stay in Beijing in August.

Location: Sanyuanqiao

It is just at the San Yuan Qiao area, the east and north corner of the 3rd Ring of Beijing – the backbone transportation line.

It is just at the terminal station of the Beijing Airport Express – take the Airport Express and you can directly get there.

The Building

I have some photos of the building:

The Room

160 sq meter, 3 bed rooms, 2 living rooms, and 2 restrooms, on the 11th floor of the building. Well equipped with gas, broadband, cable TV….


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6 thoughts on “Beijing Apartment for Olympic

  1. JS,

    I talked with a friend last night whose brother and cusins live in Beijing. She says priced of hotels are so ridiculously priced, and security is extremely high with many restrictions. Many people who were planning to go to Beijing during the Olympic Games have decided not to go. Her brother told her many businesses have spent a lot of money expecting to do great business with all the visitors they thought would be going to Beijing. Now that visitors would number much fewer and these businesses are going to lose money big times.

    Originally, her family was going to go to Beijing too, but when she found out the 2-3 star hotels are charging 1,500 Yuan per night. A short family vacation of a week will cost them more than 20,000 Yuan with room/borad/transportation. Therefore, she and her husband chickened out and decide to watch the games from their home instead.

    Personally, I think the 5-star hotels which had reservations from foreign groups will still do well, but the 2-3 star hotels will be disappointed when their false hopes failed, and may drastically reduced their room rates.

    Time will tell how this whole Olympics pens out.

  2. Ciao

    I’ll be in Beijing for all the Olympics and I’ll stay to friend’s house. I wished to come since 4 years ago when Beijing got the Olympics. I’ve even applied as volunteer but of course I didn’t get it. Finally I decided to gone by myself but then I had to negotiate with collegues to get 3 weeks holiday since in Italy August is peak season: they have been quite nice to me. On August 8 2007 I went to work (quite formal banking enviroment) wearing my Olympic t-shirt complete with 4 Fuwa pins and a red tie, so I must say that collegues were pretty aware of my wish.

    Unfortunately I don’t have tickets at all: they have been sold out in Italy long ago. My friends told me that last week in Beijing about 100.000 beijing people were queing since 72 hours to get tickets of the 4th phase…I don’t mind if I cannot see competition. I’ll see Beijing again after 3 years I’ll see the new Beijing and strolling around I’ll absorb enthusiasm from people (but I do feel pretty enthusiastic too). I’m quite happy just to be there,to see this city and this country.

    Good luck Beijing

  3. I live in Shanghai and I am really feeling the Olympic is coming closer and closer. I was planning to buy football game ticket of the 4th phase but I had to work, damn it.

    At the very started, my plan was go to Beijing and enjoy the whole Olympic Game. I was not so lucky to get tickets, so plan #1 was gone. Well, at least I can stay in Shanghai and see football game but ticket is still a biggest problem for me. Anyway, I can watch the games at home with potato chops, beer and all delicious food. By the way, I bought a new TV just for Olympic.

  4. Is the hotel rent still that high? HK newspapers reported that hotels are cutting their rate due to the unexpectedly low bookings. It seems the rent will be even lower after 8 Aug.

  5. The price of hotels in Beijing for Olympic weeks has been coming down significantly during past several days. I just booked a standard room in one of Home Inn hotels (a nice two-star hotel chain) near the city center for 399 RMB/night two days ago. The same type of room was listed for around 1000 RMB one week ago.

  6. Yes. It drops very quickly. People always want to compare the game with the one in Greek, but the situation is different. The strong messures to keep domestic travelers outside the city and restriction on visa greatly reduced the possible visitors to the Game.

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