Data Center “Sealed” During Olympic

Many days ago, I received an email from Hotsales, since I have a personal home page space with Hotsales, who hosted their servers in China Telecom data center.

The official order came from the above about the “sealing (or blocking) of all data centers”. The order reads like this:

Dear Customer,


According to regulations related to national Olympic logistics, the following “Network Blockage” will be implemented.

China telecome: August 1, 2008 to August 25, 2008

China Unicom: July 20, 2008 to August 25, 2008

China mobile: July 20, 2008 to August 25, 2008


1. Customer staff are not allowed to enter data center.

2. No equipments can be added or removed.

3. If during the “network blockage”, your website is hacked, or changed to anti-government content or has other security problems, the data center will cut off the network connection immediately, and inform the related people. Please cooperate with our further investigation. All servers shutdown must wait until the blockage period is over. During the period, it will not be resumed.

Many IDC (data center) has required their client to close BBS, or anything people can post information, and ask for indemnity if their client fail to do it.

My Two Cents

OK. I feel that Olympic is really coming! Welcome! I am super excited.

9 thoughts on “Data Center “Sealed” During Olympic

  1. now this is a good example how China is deve-noping

    i can say this loudly then:

    北京奥运 我TMD不支持

    remember that

    i’ll be f***ed if i forgot that

  2. this is called China’s charactertisc! best suggestion would be far away from politics, you will be safe

  3. i want to change wy pool oral english,anyone who want to help me or make friends with me is welcome.i also can teach you some chinese free.

  4. Great comment form Smith! hehehe

    So difficult times! So sad situation… HAve you heard about the restricted areas especially for protest??!!!

    Wow hehe they really think can control every single thing… And what about controling the clouds from raining in the ceremonies!!! A-m-a-z-i-n-g…..

  5. China hosting Summer Game 2008 was an attempt to show the advancement of the counry and invite people from all over the world to glorify the event. Nevertheless, the uprising in Tibet changed the setting.

    Beijing has now deployed 100k official security and 500k informers all over the city, migrant workers, students and foreign businessmen are repatriated, foreign visa are curtailed, police check points are established, foreign news agency are only allow to cover the stories in associated with Olympic. China has demonstrated herself as a totalitarian state to the rest of the world and the Olympic Spirit has been whitewashed. If all these efforts are to suppress the uprising by Dalai Lama, perhaps this is what Dalia Lama and his instigators have hope for in the first place.

    Now Beijing 2008 has became Armed Camp 2008, I feel very sad!

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