Seek for Some Guidance

Recently, I feel that I am too much far away from this city and far away from my reader community.

The business was almost the whole part of my life, and Yifan is another important part. Even Wendy and I didn’t get any time to get together to watch movie…

I feel far from the city because, I just realized that I didn’t take metro for a long time – I just drive, and I didn’t take bus in the last few months. I am far away from restaurants, and from friends these days.

For my reader’s community, I feel I am more disconnected than before. Do you feel the same?

I just want to seek for some guidance from the readers of my blog, whom I trust a lot, and sometimes may understand me better than myself.

What is your suggestions or observation?

12 thoughts on “Seek for Some Guidance

  1. Hi Wang JianShuo,

    I think all of the things you describe are so true. You are in your 30’s (I guess from your photo and blog), you have a very demanding job, you have a young family, you are normal !! Twenty years ago I was in a similar situation, you feel totally disconnected from your life. But don’t worry, it will change, and you will look back on this time with affection. You are doing your very best for your family, and that comes at a price, but it is very worthwhile. Keep up the good work!

  2. I agree with Rob — at this stage of your life, your family must come first, followed closely in second place by your job so that you can provide for your family. I feel sure that most of your readers would agree — if you have the choice of writing for your blog, or snuggling with Wendy to watch a movie, by all means forget about the blog!

  3. It is just a coincidence that I dropped in your blog city, where I found there are many nice friends there in this circle, to learn from each other. and get to know more about you to visit your business website. I believe you are sucessful and happy family already and that’s up to a high standard life being. Just cherish what you have had is enough!

  4. JianShuo,

    I fully agree with the comments from Rob and Carroll.

    I have been staying in Canada for 2.5 years, being an immigrant. Comparing to the life in Shanghai, the thing I learned the most is how important the family is, but no longer jobs/careers/etc.

    At here, my friends, clients including my co-workers, are influencing me all the time. “Family first” is always their slogan and philosophy: If you have any conflictions between your family and the other things, family always takes priority. That is why I refused many project/engagement opportunities in taking international business trips.

    There is a very good metaphor: Everyone’s life is just like a balance sheet. Family is always your most valuable asset. When you acquire some “assets”, you will have to check what your liability is. It’s always balanced. In some cases, you are not able to discover the corresponding liability immediately. However, that liability account will appear in the long run… Unfortunately, most people judge a person’s life successful or not is simply based on that person’s assets, without checking his/her liabilities. The correct answer is “net asset”, which contains tolerant, tender, loving, care, etc.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Hello Wang

    (Sorry for my english) I know your feeling very well. It’s some kind of feeling “remote controlled”. What I suggest in such moments….sit in a park (you have a lot of them in the great city of Shanghai) and do NOTHING! I mean really NOTHING. No reading, no eating, no blogging, no anything. Even try not to think. Just look around for about 30 minutes, 1 hour or whatever time you want. If you start to get bored, an I hope you will, you are on the good way, then you are on the way to relax. That’s it! It’s easy, not? Just trying to get bored. You dont think how relaxing this is and you will see how important it is to have TIME. After this you can come back and keep us informed about Shanghai with your blog. I whish you good luck.


  6. I agree that you are normal; at least, I feel the same way. I have a job, a boy only a few months older than Yifan, and I have always wondered how you manage to do what you are doing and still keep up your excellent blog. So to be honest I feel a bit relieved that you also think it’s difficult. There are always so many things that remain undone… But I think the answer is to take it easy and don’t feel bad about giving the boy the time he wants from you. There won’t be another chance to do it.

  7. hi all,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Very helpful. Thanks Rob and Carroll for encouraging me to spend more time with Yifan and Wendy, and the family, and others who suggested. That is helpful. Peter, you gave a very good way to relax and I will stick to it – just to relax…

  8. I’ve heard it said that on their death bed, no one ever says “I wish I had spent more time at the office”. Life’s too short. Your little boy will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye, and you will still have many more professionally productive years ahead of you at that point. Enjoy every minute you can devote to being a father and with Wendy :-)

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