Shanghai Metro is Not 24 Hours

My readers, please be noted that Shanghai Metro is not 24 hour in service. I had a miserable night today.

I took Metro Line #1 from Xujiahui to Metro Line #4 station at Shanghai Stadium, only to find out Metro Line #4 is already closed. The last train leaves the platform at 22:16 (inner circle) and 23:14 (outer circle).

Do pay attention to it during your next visit.

Update Their Notices March 8, 2009

Now, at the direction board inside the metro stations, they have clear marks to remind people to pay attention to the end of service time of each metro lines.

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro is Not 24 Hours

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  2. Yeah, Shanghai will be really turned into a nightless city if we have 24 hour metros, looking forward to that day

  3. I guess part of the problem is maintaining the railway lines. I assume this is done at night when the trains are not running. If trains run 24h a day it will be harder to carry out maintenance.

  4. New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia have “25-hours-a-day” service, whereas others make excuses as to why theirs can’t. Pitiful. (Those that operate around-the-clock on weekends don’t count. Sorry.)

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