Wired Photos… Long Time Ago

On Jan 14, 2006, around 6:00 PM, Eric, Me, and Miss Tang gathered at Xujiahui, to take a series photos to be published on Trends Travel – the National Geographic partner in China. So here are the selected photo by photographer, Tang Wanli. The article I wrote for the magazine is called "Fall in Love with Shanghai with 6 Years" (Chinese version of the article).

Just now, received an invitation for an afternoon tea break this Saturday with old friends from Linda. Suddenly thought about these photos taken 2 years ago. Pretty weird photos, aren’t they?





I have to say, a really good (which often means, expensive) camera + an experience photographer can create an imagine that’s beyond our daily life experience.

P.S. It is the time to enjoy great night without burden of a laptop – I will go home without my laptop today.

5 thoughts on “Wired Photos… Long Time Ago

  1. Another set of Shanghai white-collar bourgeois pictures to fool the Western audience?

    A few days ago, you guys act like the reincarnation of boxer uprising members in 1899:


    Now you guys look like gentle, friendly, smiling angels.

    Chinese youth, what is your true face then?

  2. to shanghai-ren

    i have no idea why you said so. do not you present different expression when you are happy or angry?

  3. @Jian Shuo – I hope you enjoyed an evening with no laptop!! I cannot imagine what that would be like – the computer is almost like an extension of me these days. I think I would feel very inadequate just one day without my laptop (although it would make my wife very happy I suspect) :D

    Very clever pictures!!

    FYI – Jaime turned 8-months old the other day, and now has his first two teeth – I hope Yifan is also doing well.

    @shanghai-ren – hmmm… what is your problem? Did you forget to take your medication??

  4. haha, wonderful! The girl is strivingly beautiful and your smile are all wild. :)xixi. 好玩

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