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With the recent hot discussion, I think it makes sense to turn on the Subscription Function for this blog, so you can get notified when someone posted a reply to your comment on the same entry, or when I publish a new article in either the category you are interested in, or for all new articles. I hope you like this new function (provided by Everitz Consulting for MovableType 4).

How it Works?

Subscription is a function provided on this blog that you can get email notification when something interesting happens on this blog.

How to Subscribe?

There are three type of subscription.

The first one is entry level subscription. At the bottom of the comment post form, just before POST button, you will see a check box labeled: "Subscribe to this entry". Check this check box and click POST to get notified for any other comments after you.


The second is the blog level subscription. At the bottom of each page, there is a form under Subscribe to Blog. Enter your email in the text box and click GO, you will be notified via email for any new blog entries posted on this blog. Since I write daily, and sometimes twice per day, this is NOT a recommended way to get up to date to this blog. You may try to subscribe via RSS feed here. If you do want to subscribe this way, please be cautious that you will get almost daily email from me, and please do remember that you have subscribed, and don’t call me spammer in the future.


The third choice is the Category Level Subscription. You can user the email form under "Subscribe to xyz Category". This is the recommended way to subscribe via email, since you will only be notified for entries on topics you are interested in. As you can see, I write on various topics, and I am sure you may not be interested in all of them.

Remember to Confirm Your Subscription

For any of the three subscription method, you MUST click a link in an email sent to your inbox. This is to protect privacy of my reader. No one can subscribe on behalf of you. If you don’t click the link, you are not subscribed.

Hope this facilitate an even quick and direct communication.

PS: This entry is not available on all individual entries yet. It may takes sometime for the old entries to get rebuilt.

2 thoughts on “Subscription Enabled on This Blog

  1. Jian Shuo, I like your blog very much. It would be great that from now on everytime you publish a new article I would be notified. Haha, I expect for notifications come to my email tomorrow. Maybe very late tonight if you still work hard on creating new ones.

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