Some Interesting Random News

  • AMD’s newest chip is codenamed “Shanghai” – a 8-core processor. Why they choose Shanghai as its code name?<
  • I am going to install IPTV in my home at last – it is free anyway, with requirement to open the equipment at least 8 days every month
  • Zendai MOMA (Museum of Morden Art) at Thumb Square in Pudong is a great place. They are now showing the exhibition of “Europe Attribute”
  • Shanghai is going to install Wireless Service for the whole city before 2010. Hope then I can do a broadcast. :-) since wireless is everywhere in my big 16million people city.

6 thoughts on “Some Interesting Random News

  1. Regarding the Shanghai code name for AMD chip. It just shows how much the world has been changed. I could not imagine a US company would think “Shanghai is a cool name” back 10 years ago. At that time, most US media reports about China are negative and biased (some are still biased today).

    But nowadays CNBC (the business channel in US) mentions Shanghai Composite Index (Shanghai Stock Market index) quite often. Some people talked about “China is going to beat US”, while others crying “the toys made in China poisoned our kids”, “they take our jobs away”…

    We indeed live in very interesting times. Especially people in Shanghai…

  2. – cool concept… :)

    Look forward to wireless rollout Shanghai-wide… this has always been a big problem for me (not having wireless access as I move about the city)… 2010 – only a couple of years away!!

  3. I am a fresher in this blog.Is anyone live in Beijing in our blog.I hope make friends with you .In order to improve our oral English ,and is anyone know where could I brought the Original foreign-language books in Beijing? Thankyou!!

  4. Hello Jian Shuo,

    Just bumped into your blog, found the information about Shanghai quite interesting. I lived in Shanghai for 10 months in 2006, still miss the city very much. Thank you for the great work!!! I will come back regularly.

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